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 An important message from Sylvia Favela, The Pilates Chick

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Dear friend,

My name is Sylvia Favela and after having my son I packed on weight, I just couldn’t get rid of it.  My body changed completely, my hips got wider and my thighs would rub together when I walk. I lost over 45 pounds of fat and the jiggly stomach pooch was finally gone.  I’ve helped my clients lose the stubborn weight, tighten their flabby bodies and firm the most stubbornest problem areas.

What will astonish you is that they didn’t use any fancy equipment, or waste hours in a gym. They used smart full body resistance Pilates Workouts and my unique ab and booty programs.

This Powerful Pilates Program is Used By Women Who Want A
Pilates Fit Body, but is it Right for you?

I’ll be perfectly honest with you, my Pilates Workout Solution programs are no “magic pill”.  It’s  NOT for lazy, unmotivated individuals. They will physically push your limits and mentally challenge you. You’ll need to work hard and be disciplined to see the results, whether you’re a few pounds away or 20lbs away from your goal. But, before you consider learning more about the Pilates program, please be assured this program will ONLY benefit those that are:

  • Tired of buying baggy tops to hide the muffin top and secretly dream of having a lean toned body.
  • Do what it takes to put as much effort and discipline necessary in just a few minutes a day.
  • Willing to do what it takes to step out of your comfort zone in order to feel and see the results but not just in your reflection in the mirror but with your daily activities like keeping up with your kids.
  • Have the motivation and will to challenge yourself physically and most importantly mentally to do these workouts but the determination to see it through where you can finally look at yourself in a full length mirror and not be embarrassed with your reflection.

Doesn’t Everyone Do The Same Long Boring Traditional Workouts? If You Want To Follow The Crowd And Be Like Every Other Person Out There Trying To Get In Shape, That’s Fine

Let me guess, what is it going to be today? Legs, Arms, Inner Thighs, Treadmill? Why would you have to pick and choose what body part you are going to be training today?

But, I know you aren’t like everyone else. However, if you’d rather divide up your week and do these separate workouts that’s totally fine with me. Some people enjoy doing whats comfortable and what they know.

If you’re ready, and I totally understand if you’d rather stick to whats comfortable because only those with the burning desire are willing to invest themselves into a program like this.

I’ve taken out all the guesswork and put together a step-by-step blueprint for you.  These programs can be done anywhere. You won’t need any fancy piece of Pilates equipment.

 Why Try This Pilates Workout, Isn’t It Just A Fad Workout

You don’t have to trash your existing fitness workout. These effective bodyweight Pilates workouts are designed to either do as a workout on it’s own or paired with your current workout routine.

With this special offer, you get my 14 Day Pilates Fat Loss program, 3 Minute Pilates Abs as well as my 5 Minute Pilates Booty Lifter program for less than what it would cost you at Starbucks. Yes, only $7.00

Why am I doing this, Because I want the world to stop thinking Pilates is only for the rich and famous and that they HAVE to do ridiculous workouts that only injures their body instead of helping to lose fat, lean and tone a flabby body.

The truth is that with these Pilates Workout solution programs you can stop doubting you will ever have a toned figure. It’s no fad with results like this.


3 Minute Pilates Abs

Use these unique Pilates Ab workouts anytime, you can add them to your regular workout routine anywhere with ZERO equipment. This is the perfect solution for those wanting to slim and tone their waistline in the least amount of time with no equipment for the best results.  You’ll discover the “Waist Cincher” and the “Corset Pull” and more.


5 Minute Pilates Booty Lifter

This is the ultimate lower body workout to firm and tone the booty. These workouts require zero-equipment, you use your own body resistance to sculpt the perfect derriere. You can combine the 3 Minute Pilates Ab and this program to kick start your metabolic training.

Pilates Fat Loss

14 Day Pilates Fat Loss program

Interval training Pilates program – this is the most unique of all interval training.  Full body resistance Pilates workouts paired with heart pumping cardio.  A combination like you haven’t seen before.  All with zero-equipment. This program includes the “Booty Plank” and the “Ab-X” that will firm the most stubborn fat.

You’ll join hundreds of others that have discovered the impact of using the Pilates Workout Solution. Check out these powerful stories…












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Here’s to you Rockin’ A Sexy Pilates Body in no time…

Sylvia Favela, CCPI



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NOTE: These programs are downloadable exercise routine manuals. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the exercise routine manual and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The exercise routine manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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