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Hey Sylvia here, If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you know that I rarely put my programs on sale for a steep discount.

However, with it being Black Friday  and all, and since it’s all about Black Friday, I got caught up in the excitements of things and YOU’RE going to benefit BIG by getting half off on ALL of my injury and exercise products, resources and programs.

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UPDATE: Since launching the Black Friday sale, a bunch of people have gone through and bought ALL the programs below.

So we just created the “The Whole Tamale!” offer where you can get all of my best selling programs for 60% off (right below) or get 50% off each individual program. 

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“The Big Tamale”

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45 Day Pilates Melt Down

Regular Price $47.00     Sale Price $18.00

6 Weeks full of follow along Pilates workouts you can do Anywhere, Anytime.  No time constraints with these 20-30 minute workout you can keep these daily fitness routines part of your every day activities.

Whether you have a fitness program you do daily or if you’ve never started a Pilates program before, there are two options for you to choose between beginner or advanced.  Go at your own pace to get a full body Pilates experience and claim the fit, toned, stronger core and lean body you’ve dreamed about.

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Pilates For Fat Loss

Regular Price $19.99   Sale Price $9.00

The Pilates Fat Loss program is a 14 Day Intense Pilates Program carefully designed to keep your body working and kick start your metabolism all day long.

Along with your 14 Day Pilates program is the 3 Minutes To Flat Abs and the 5 Minute Booty Lifter to intensify your workouts and give you the toned lean body you deserve.

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