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Here’s what you get….


pilates101newPilates 101

$47 Value

This step by step guide introduces you to the basic fundamentals of doing the Pilates moves the right way to maximize your results!





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Pilates Melt Down Membership Site
$177 Value

Easy to follow instructional videos, designed to guide you through each phase of the Pilates Melt Down program.





foundationphasetwotogPhase 1 (Foundation Phase – Week 1 & 2)
$94 Value

Beginning phase of the Pilates Meltdown program, introduces your body to the basic moves to strengthen and tone your body.




thecorephaseonetogPhase 2 (Core Phase – Week 3 & 4)
$94 Value

Increased workout days, your Pilates moves kick start into second gear. Pilates moves are designed to challenge and push you.




thesculptingphasesixtogPhase 3 (Sculpting Phase – Week 5 & 6)
$94 Value

Final phase of the Pilates Meltdown program, this phase includes jam packed workouts designed to take you to the next level.





Free Bonus Gift One: The Flexibility Handbook
$49 Value

Pilates stretches designed to increase flexibility that will allow your body the full range of motion. Reclaim your bodies mobility to perform daily tasks without stiffness or pain.



Free Bonus Gift Two: Extreme Bootie Lifter
$49 Value

Follow along video to the top Pilates moves to firm, lift and tone your bootie.



Free Bonus Gift Three: Pilates Power Nutrition Plan
$99 Value

PLUS as part of the Ultra-Pilates System you also get…




The 14 Day Pilates Fat Loss Program
$171 Value




$77 Value

As you continue to challenge yourself with the Pilates Meltdown exercises. These three Fat Melting workouts are 5-minute follow along video workouts crafted to push your body with lean muscle body movements.



Nutrition Plan
$47 Value

No starvation diets! This plan gives you step by step meal plans to follow with delicious recipes designed
to melt away the final pounds.



Pilates High Intensity Workout
$47 value

Along with your finishers, this high intensity 30 minutes workout has been crafted with fat burning
Pilates exercises that will kick start your metabolism, lean and tone your body.





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